How Can You Identify the Best Anti-Aging Cream?

As an adult man or woman hears yet another refrain of “Happy Birthday to You,” that maturing individual often gives thought to the possibility of purchasing an anti-aging cream. A wise person does not want to spend his or her money foolishly. If you are informed, you recognize the value of locating the best anti-aging cream on the market. How should an intelligent adult go about finding a cream of superior quality? naked cams

A successful quest for a cream that could put an end to the effects of aging should begin with a search for a product that has proven ingredients on its label. Such a product might, for example, carry the words “naked minerals.” An effective one often contains “naked minerals.”

What are “naked minerals?” They are minerals that have only a slight effect on the surface skin. Once applied to the skin, “naked minerals” penetrate down to the deep skin cells. Aging skin contains an increasing number of dead skin cells. Every day, the skin looses many dead skin cells.

The loss of those cells causes the deep skin cells to rise to the surface. Application to the skin of the cream nourishes the deep skin cells. When an anti-aging cream supplies deep skin cells with naked minerals, then it prepares those cells for their journey to the surface of the skin.

At this point, a thoughtful reader might be wondering what foods would provide an adult with valuable “naked minerals.” In the past, you could get needed minerals by eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Today, however, the growing use of insecticides and pesticides has reduced the number of minerals in those farm-fresh products. That is why cosmetic companies now put “naked minerals” in their age-fighting creams.

The reader should bear this fact in mind: The “naked minerals” do not have the ability to make new skin cells, even when those deep skin cells are found in youthful skin. The “naked minerals” simply provide deep skin cells with vital, life-giving substances. When any of those substances enters a skin cell that contains essential oils, then the combined action of those two cellular components can slow the effects of aging.

Above, you learned about the importance of naked minerals. Now you have been introduced to the term “essential oils.” What are “essential oils,” and why do they deserve mention in an article about anti-aging cream?

Essential oils are organic chemicals, chemicals extracted from plants. Those who make an effort to track-down the best cream recognize the healing power of essential oils. At the same time, anyone familiar with a proven age-fighting cream knows that the extraction of essential oils must take place in a laboratory.

The best anti-aging cream has essential oils that scientists obtained by extracting plant oils under conditions of the highest possible cleanliness. In addition, such a cream generally has on its label information about the qualifications of the chemists and biochemists that have performed the extraction.

Now while an anti-aging cream might have on its label the words “naked minerals,” it seldom carries the words “essential oils.” Instead, its label might carry the name of some particular oil. What essential oil could a consumer expect to find in the best?

The consumer who plans to purchase an age-fighting cream might find the words “rosewood oil” on the label. Rosewood slows the development of aging skin. Lanolin and myrrh oil also aid the rejuvenation of aging skin. Those three named essential oils can restore to aging skin the characteristics that are associated with more youthful skin.

As skin ages, it begins to loose its elasticity. A good anti-aging cream can help aging skin to recover its lost elasticity. Collagen and elastin are skin proteins, proteins that give skin its characteristic elasticity.

How can you identify the best anti-aging cream? Look for a skin care product that does more that simply fill-in any lines on your face. Use a cream that protects your skin both day and night. Use a product that stimulates the production of age-fighting proteins, proteins such as elastin and collagen.

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