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There are legitimate online offers out there that will give you a free Walmart gift card just for giving them some personal information. There are also offers that will ask you to complete several promotional offers that can cost you a total of twenty to fifty dollars. You just have to search around to find the best offers. How can these cards be given out for free or no cost is a question we will look at here. Understanding how the process works will give you confidence in participating in them. walmartonewire

First off, know that for almost all of these free card programs the retailers themselves are not sponsoring the offer. Walmart does not have a free gift card program, so if someone calls saying they work for Walmart and they want to give you a free gift card hang up the phone right away. The free gift card programs are being sponsored and operated almost always by marketing companies.

The marketing companies want to give out these free shopping cards because they want the information you give them. When you complete the surveys for these offers the marketing companies learn valuable information about consumers. They will in turn sell this information about your preferences to the large companies. That is how they are able to give these cards away for free, or for a small fee.

Knowing this should give you some confidence in participating in these outstanding offers. These programs are not completely free, even if you do not have to spend one penny because you are giving away your information to these marketers in exchange for the benefit of the shopping card. It really is a win win situation for you and for these research companies. Just doing a few searches on Yahoo or Bing should give you some great offers to explore with values up to one thousand dollars. It is really easy tog get started, all you usually have to do is submit your email address and the offer will reply with instructions. My personal favorite is the free Walmart gift card offer with a value of 1000 dollars.

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